Collage | Photolithographs

The strangeness in Català's painting, its paradoxes and the results achieved from them, are part of his triumphs, making his work remain in constant analytical and interpretative evolution. Precisely at the moment when his paintings return to a calm realism, where everything is balanced –colour, composition and ideas–, he embraces matter and collage, merging both concepts from a perfect regimentation between reality and concept, where the complementation and fusion of both rules, one serving as the reinforcement of the other, surpass the cold convergence that would only lead to a technical experimentation of antagonistic formulas.

Painting merged with collage and matter have been a constant in Rafael Català's work since the first time he used it in the eighties, although there are precedents in his own work in the sixties, where he used stencilling to arrive at aesthetic conclusions of similar interpretative value.